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How to calculate lazada's selling price?

How to calculate lazada's selling price?

Why is my lazada price different from Tony's suggested price?

-Lazada platform will automatically price and discount your products according to the "price before discount", "price after discount" and the set "product weight". The price uploaded to each site of lazada platform after discount will be converted into RMB much higher than the "discount price", because the price of the platform includes the price of first journey freight, commission and transaction handling fee.

-Therefore, just set the profit margin, discount and commodity weight.

How much do I have to pay Tony?

-Tonis deduction = commodity purchase price + operation cost

How to price the goods sold on lazada?

-Fill in the "profit margin" and "discount" and tonis will automatically calculate the price before and after discount. Synchronously publish to lazada platform. Lazada platform will store the freight commission transaction fee according to the set weight, and set the price automatically.


How much profit can I make?

-The actual profit of goods = selling price - first journey freight - Commission - transaction handling charge - commodity cost - operation cost

(Tonnis's weight is estimated weight, platform freight storage price is based on the estimated weight, and the order is charged based on actual weight, which leads to the deviation of profit. Every order of tonis will have the actual weight before delivery, and each user can check the actual weight after shipment to see if it needs to be adjusted.)

-Store income details view


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