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How to publish products to tiktok shop?

1、 Select the products that need to be published in base on toones official website, and click"One click Publishing", select"TikTok Shop"Platform


2、 Select"shop"->"classification"(Tiktok Chinese cross-border sellers have multiple sites, and push stores can be checked)


3、 Perfect"Product name","Product description", click"One click translation".(Edit the product title to avoid words unrelated to the product).


4、 Product image upload(The main image is full of 10. As long as there is space on the main image, clicking the image of the replaceable window will jump to the main image. You can also click Delete image, click other images from the replaceable window image, or add images locally).


5、 Settings"Price and inventory".

5-1. Fill in"Margins and discounts", click"confirm"System accounting calculates reference pricing

Price formula:It is the reference price calculated according to the product cost, Toonies operation fee, warehouse transfer fee, first trip freight, profit rate, discount and exchange rate

5-2. Batch setting, the default associated system calculated price and default inventory, if you need to modify, you can re-enter, click"confirm", SKU price and inventory will be modified in batch

5-3. Color image upload, the system default is"no", if you need to upload SKU pictures, you can choose"yes", add pictures

5-4. Modify the weight of the product, and the SKU price will follow the change


6、 The system defaults to the delivery date. Check whether the product is correct. Click"release".


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