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Introduction to the platform

Toonies is one of the leading cross-border e-commerce supply chain companies in China. At present, the company mainly focuses on clothing products, including women's clothing, men's clothing and children's clothing. In China, it has Guangzhou warehouse, Hangzhou warehouse and Huzhou warehouse, and its distribution channels cover mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Toonies(,Is a professional clothing distribution service platform. We are committed to serving China's small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting made in China to the world.

Sellers don't need to set up warehousing and logistics channels. As long as they publish their products to their own stores and do a good job in operation, they can automatically deliver goods with orders and make profits easily.

Toonies ERP system(,It is a highly efficient ERP processing system independently developed by the company. It is customized for the company, foreign trade enterprises and distribution companies. It is a foreign trade ERP system with efficient, fast and powerful processing functions, which integrates downloading orders, purchasing, logistics and delivery, so that you and your company can easily realize global purchasing and goods circulation.

Platform features

Integrating the largest network wholesale market resources of Chinese women's wear, it has million manufacturers' cooperation and millions of SKUs

Integration of China's largest network of men's wholesale market resources, with more than 2000 manufacturers cooperation

Integrating China's largest network of children's clothing wholesale market resources, with more than 1000 manufacturers cooperation

Our strengths

Open a large number of SKUs above 100W, covering men's and women's children's wear

Open resources, e-commerce management capability, supporting it management of businesses in the market

Demand support mainstream platform products one click publishing, one key translation

Provide perfect online docking service for partners and provide professional operation guidance

Based on e-commerce service market, provide channels for partners based on e-commerce management services

Provide multiple profit models for partners to maximize business value

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