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Student's real experience of working as shopee / lazada shop in her spare time and earning $300 a day

Why open shopee / lazada store to start a business

Advantage of one piece delivery in Toonies shopee / lazada shop

One click publishing, stock synchronization and order automatic processing

Your shopee / lazada store uploads products on Toonies website, and after the order is issued, the Toonies system will automatically pull the order information.
Help you pack, paste the express bill and deliver it directly to the guests.
Toonies is responsible for all the delivery problems. You just need to upload the selected products and operate your shopee / lazada store to receive orders.

Success stories

Shop fans 75000, store merchandise evaluation 4.8, daily output of thousands of pieces, annual turnover of more than 20 million.
zhainvchaoyi宅女潮衣 正韩
Shop fans 187000, commodity evaluation 4.9, daily delivery of thousands of pieces, a day to earn thousands of dollars
Shop fans 54000, evaluation 4.8, daily stable delivery machine 100. More than 200 dollars a day.
LB Shop
Shop fans 45000. Product evaluation 4.9, stable shipment of hundreds of pieces every day. More than 100 dollars a day.

One piece delivery process

One click shop video

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