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return policy

Within 15 days from the date of receiving goods, Toonies can provide customers with unreasonable return service. The goods to be returned should be approved by the merchant of the store.

Return method

The customer shall send back the goods to be returned by express delivery Please do not choose payment on arrival

matters needing attention

Customers should ensure that the package, tag and invoice of the goods are complete, and the goods are not worn, dirty or damaged (such as not modifying the size, washing, waxing leather goods, embroidery, etc.), otherwise, they will not be able to handle the return service.

Special attention: if the packaging of footwear goods is damaged (including packing filler, brand packing box or outer packing bag, directly wrapping adhesive tape outside the shoe box), as well as the situation that the vamp and sole have been worn, and there are wear marks, they will not be returned.

No reason for return see definition

Due to your subjective reasons, you are not willing to continue to complete this order transaction, such as: the user bought wrong / bought many goods (repeated order, wrong color, style or size); the seller regarded the goods with normal quality (with thread ends, no obvious stains, slight color difference, defective products sold at reduced price, minor adjustments of logos and labels of different batches of goods); the user does not want to buy any more (it is not possible to send goods with postal restrictions through the route specified by the user, the waiting time for pre-sale goods is too long due to the delivery freight exceeding the user's budget, and the quality inspection photos are subjectively considered to be of poor quality / inconsistent with the imagination); the goods applying for return and replacement shall be agreed by the business owner of the store.

Refund Policy

1.Under the conditions of return refund or only refund, the user can apply for processing in the order list after-sale; the user's available balance can also be withdrawn at any time.

2.Please note: if the order recharged by PayPal needs to be refunded, it can only be returned through PayPal's original route; PayPal cannot be used to refund the user's amount recharged in other ways.

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