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Company profile

Company profile

Toonies is a leading one-stop distribution platform for cross-border e-commerce in China. Its distribution business covers the mainstream cross-border e-commerce platform. Toonies has been adhering to the business philosophy of "win-win cooperation and common development". We sincerely invite powerful factories and businesses to settle in and explore overseas markets together.

Advantage introduction

Advantage introduction

  • Tens of thousands of distribution stores

    Covering mainstream e-commerce platforms

  • Real time settlement of payment

    Cash on hand

  • Centralized processing of orders

    The merchant only needs to deliver the goods to Toonies warehouse

Entry requirements

Occupancy requirement

  • Ensure that the price of goods supplied is the lowest in the whole network

  • Ensure the goods arrive at Toonies warehouse within the delivery period

  • The settled merchants are free of annual fee

Contact Information

Contact Us

Wechat / 微信:toonies006

Immediate entry and information submission

Immediate entry and mesage submission

Become our high quality partner, contact us as soon as possible!


Toonies sincerely invites you to join us and become our high-quality partner. Click to settle in soon!

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