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How to calculate the selling price of shopee

How to calculate the price of shopee?

-When you publish the product to shopee, toNice has calculated the price according to the preset profit margin and discount price

-Pricing = (cost + freight + operation cost) / 0.92 * (1 + profit margin) / discount / exchange rate of the country

(Pricing has included shopee platform Commission, transaction handling fee, Tonnis operating fee, profit margin, discount and exchange rate)

How much do I have to pay Tonnis?

-Tonnis agent delivery is charged by the operating fee

Tonnis Commission = Commission commodity purchase price + operation fee

-Classification of operation cost:

Platform sales 0 - 1wThe operating cost isthreeelement

Platform sales 1w - 5wThe operating fee is reduced totwo point eightelement

Platform sales 5w - 10wThe operating fee is reduced totwo point sixelement

Platform sales 10w - 20wThe operating fee is reduced totwo point fourelement

Platform sales is greater than20WThe operating cost can reach the maximum discounttwo point twoelement


-Operating fee details:

Product costBelow 5element (including 5element),The preferential treatment of operation fee is unified as0.8 element / piece. the product will be marked "minus"

Product cost5-10element (including 10element),Half the operating costIn other words, the operating fee is charged at 50% of the specified operating fee, i.e1.5 element / piece, products will be marked"reduce"The word

Product costAbove 10 elementsThe operating cost remains unchanged, according to theNormal collection, i.e. threeelement / piece.

Example of commodity operation fee:

① Product cost below 5element (including 5element), operation cost is 0.8 element / piece, products will be marked "reduce & quot; the word


② Product cost5-10element (including 10element), half the operating cost;


③ The operation fee of product costabove 10 elements is charged normally


Examples of Tonnis deduction:

If the total sales volume of the user on toonies platform is 0-1w, the operating fee level is threeelement / piece


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